somewhereto_ view tube session showcases labels and urban maestro’s success stories_

19 year old Rianna Raymond-Williams reviews a View Tube session where she got a little taster of what somewhereto_ has to offer her London people…

The meeting for a London group of young people involved in the somewhereto_ project took place a few weeks ago at the View Tube, East London – minutes away from the 2012 Olympic Stadium.

Young people came together to voice their ideas about what creative spaces they would like as well as the chance to hear from individuals who had already gained spaces, and what they’ve been doing with them since.

“I signed up to somewhereto_ to get venues for my community concerts. This project will be a much needed support and push for my programme,” explained musician and social entrepreneur Mikel Ameen. In such a climate where there are so many up and coming talents he hopes to give his peers a platform as well as network with those in the creative industry.

Labels and Urban Maestro were two collectives that also attended the event and have successfully attained spaces. Labels are a group of female graduate designers who applied and sustained space to hold a fashion show, which will be taking place in mid-August. Whilst Urban Maestro is a trio of musicians that were given the opportunity and space to perform at the somewhereto_ launch event that took place earlier this year.

It was great to see such a variation of people from across the media spectrum whether it be fashion designers, actors, musicians, or writers each with their own vision. In my opinion there aren’t enough opportunities for young people to enter the creative industry. I and others are part of a small representation of the budding entrepreneurs in and around London, so I feel that somewhereto_ is a fantastic way to expand and create that – as well as build a strong network of creative individuals across the country.

To unlock a creative space register here.
To give a space click here.
And you can follow somewhereto_ on Facebook here and on Twitter @somewhereto_

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