street summer loving with channel 4 and somewhereto_

What can one do in Westminster Hall? The answer is simple. More than you think…

Crushing the barriers of creative convention, this recently broadcast Channel 4 Street Summer ident illustrates the long-term plan and sky-high vision of somewhereto_; to help any 16-25 year old with a space to do the things they love, be it painting or rapping, writing or dancing, in arenas from a patchy park, to the oldest remaining part of the prestigious Palace of Westminster.

I look back and think it is very fitting that Channel 4’s Street Summer season about the contemporary urban arts scene was dubbed a ‘celebration’. It most definitely was – setting off fireworks with projects from Concrete Circus (bringing together the world’s hottest names in urban sports), to How Hip Hop Changed the World (a hip hop history lesson), and Life of Rhyme (exploring the UK rap and spoken word scene).

For us though, there is an extra celebration at hand – a beat I hope we can all dance to long after this summer is out; in that somewhereto_ worked successfully with Parliament to open up an incredible space which would never normally open its doors to young people to dance in. It was an unprecedented achievement, and we are working to ensure the Westminster Hall special moment is just one of many stories which help young people realise that a space of any kind can be theirs.

The somewhereto_ journey is just getting warmed up. Watch this space as we plan to break some more records of our own before the London Olympic and Paralympic Games 2012 comes by.

So – for any young onlookers – it’s your turn and your time to think and leap outside the box – take your pick from any one of these spaces:

The race for space is on with somewhereto_.

Space-holders – play your part and give a space here.

Written by Dwain Lucktung

For more information on Channel 4 Street Summer visit:

For more information on somewhereto_ visit:

You can follow somewhereto_ on Facebook here and on Twitter @somewhereto_

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